"Colossal," the title (and first) track from the 2009 album Colossal.

2 songs from the album I wrote and recorded in February 2007 as part of the RPM Challenge, which I am calling The I Is Not Always Me:
If You Didn't Laugh You'd Cry
Inside Your Skull
(Drop me a line and I'll e-mail the whole thing to ya.)

Hear samples of How Did I Get Here? and This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering at CD Baby. You can buy high-quality mp3 versions of each whole album directly from CD Baby for only $5.

My contribution to Our Love Is Meaningless, an Internet-only Magnetic Fields Tribute:
Long Vermont Roads

Recorded on KEXP's Audioasis on 5/13/2006:
Way to Be

Some demos of songs from This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering.
As the crow flies
This murder won't hurt you

Recorded on KAOS's Donut Live on 2/26/2004:
Way to Be
(from the wisdom teeth ep)

SOS Theme
Hot Dog Party
Two songs from the movie SOS Diary: Say Goodbye to 2nd and Pike, by Mark Ring


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