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Friday, October 18, 7pm
Nada Fest 5 at Skylark Cafe
with Downtown, Golden Idols, Shitty Person, Double or Muffin, and TBASA

Sunday, November 10, 8pm
Colossal 10th Anniversary (!) at The Sunset
with Pufferfish (releasing Gasp) and Tekla Waterfield


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Shows that have already happened:


Saturday, July 27th
Cassingle release show at Cafe Racer
with Black Ends, Junior Mint Prince (from Oakland), and Eric Padget

Friday, March 15th
Ball of Wax 55 release show at Woodland Theater
with Town Forest, Nic Masangkay, and Annie Ford & Corespondents

Saturday, January 12th
Parliament Tavern
with Freeway Park and Sun Tunnels


Saturday, November 17th
such bad things happen release show at The Blue Moon
with Quiet and CHAD

Friday, August 3rd
Ball of Wax 53 at Substation
With Poor Neighbors, Chris Poage, Danbert Nobacon, and Meade Krosby


Wednesday, October 12th
The Black Lodge
with Freeway Park, Friendship Commanders, and Xurs
8:30 p.m. / $cheap / all ages

Friday, September 2nd
The Sunset Tavern
Ball of Wax 45: One Minute Singles!
with Sam Russell & the Harborrats, The Foghorns, Terwilliger Curves, Seth Howard, Natalie Quist, and Luminous Craft

Saturday, March 5th, 9pm
with Blackheart Honeymoon and The Lowdown Drifters


Saturday, December 5th
The Blue Moon
with Mutiny Mutiny, Dark Palms, Lux Fontaine

Thursday, September 3rd
The Blue Moon
with Bay Uno, Benoit Pioulard, Gareth Dickson

Saturday, August 22nd
Seattle Acoustic Festival
with The Local Strangers, Star Anna, Tomo Nakayama, Dark Hip Falls, Big Sur, Wren, The Ramblin Years, Tekla Waterfield, Tobias the Owl, Olivia De La Cruz, Swander, Debbie Miller, Faint Peter, March to May, TBASA, Paul Mauer, Lonewolf Ballentine, Brenda Xu, Devin Sinha, Jaspar Lepak, Lana McMullen, Levi Fuller, Patrick Galactic, Lindstrom and the Limit, Katrina Charles, David Johnson ft El Cuervo Lento, Aaron Willsie, Traverdan, Anna Gordon, Passenger String Quartet, and Saint John and the Revelations.

Saturday, July 18th
High Dive
Casey Ruff & the Mayors of Ballard, Julia Massey & the Five Finger Discount, Levi Fuller & the Library

Saturday, June 13th
Ballard Homestead
Tomo Nakayama, St Kilda, Levi Fuller & the Library

Wednesday, March 25th
Chop Suey
Prom Queen, Saul Conrad, Levi Fuller & the Library

Friday, February 27th
Conor Byrne Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library, Day Laborers & Petty Intellectuals, Roselit Bone, GreenhornBluehorn

Friday, January 2nd
Columbia City Theater
The Foghorns, Levi Fuller & the Library, Colt Kraft Band


Saturday, November 15th
The Wonders That There Are CD Release Show
Conor Byrne Pub
GravelRoad, Levi Fuller & the Library,Wind Burial

Saturday, September 20th
The Blue Moon
Levi Fuller & the Library,Webelos (CD Release!), Puget Power

Thursday, August 28th
Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
Town Forest, Levi Fuller & the Library, Whiting Tennis, Alicia Amiri

Monday, July 21st
The Sunset Tavern
Waxing Hearts, Christian Lee Hutson, Rachel Kate, Levi (solo set)

Saturday, July 19th
Ball of Wax Songs about Animals Book/CD release
The Fremont Abbey
The Ball of Wax Family Band (members of The Foghorns, GreenhornBluehorn, Jon Rooney, Levi Fuller, and Colin J Nelson), Sun Tunnels, and Monica Schley

Sunday, May 25th
NW Folklife Festival, Vera Project Stage
Levi Fuller & the Library

Friday, February 21st
Conor Byrne Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library w/Mariko Ruhle, Miss Lopez & the Wandering Few


Friday, December 13th
Columbia City Theater
Tribute to Harry Smith's Anthology of
American Folk Music
, hosted by Greg Vandy
Levi Fuller & the Library, Frank Fairfield, Vikesh Kapoor, Hannalee, Fox and the Law, Br'er Rabbit, Pepper Proud, AP Dugas, Yucca Mountain, JD Hobson

Saturday, November 30th
Ball of Wax 34 Release Show
Conor Byrne Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library, Day Laborers & Petty Intellectuals, GreenhornBluehorn, Colin J Nelson, Virgin of the Birds, Whole Halves

Sunday, November 3rd
The Crocodile Back Bar
Wind Burial (formerly Snowdrift), Levi Fuller & the Library, GreenhornBluehorn

Saturday, September 28th
Conor Byrne Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library and The Foghorns
Joint EP Release Show!

With special guests Yucca Mountain (formerly Jeremy Burk)

Thursday, August 29th
Tiny Ninja Cafe
Levi Fuller & the Library, Virgin of the Birds
8:00 p.m. / FREE / all ages

Friday, June 28th
The Josephine
Levi solo, w/The Harvey Girls, Golden Gardens, Levator, Jenn Kelly

Saturday, June 8th
Ball of Wax Volume 32 release show
Conor Byrne Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/The Foghorns, Black Swedes, Pampa, GreenhornBluehorn, Robert Deeble

Saturday, May 25th
Northwest Folklife Festival
The Vera Project, Seattle Center
Levi Fuller & the Library

Friday, March 29th
The Copper Gate
Solo set w/Terri Tarantula and Jon Hyde

Saturday, March 9th
Ball of Wax Volume 31 at the Columbia City Theater

w/Alicia Amiri, Norman Baker, Robb Benson, Emiko Blalock, Jeremy Burk, Shenandoah Davis, Brad Dunn, The Foghorns, Led to Sea, The Music of Grayface, Colin J Nelson, Bret Alain Phillips (Oldman Winter), Caitlin Sherman (Slow Skate), and Virgin of the Birds


Saturday, November 24th
Ball of Wax Volume 30 at the Conor Byrne

Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Scriptures, La Luz,
Proud Wonderful Me, Sam Russell

Friday, September 29th
The Ella St. Social Club
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Jesse Carsten & the Half Shadow, The Awful Truth, Fair Weather Watchers

Friday, September 21st
The Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theater
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Rosyvelt, Pufferfish

Friday, September 7th
Ball of Wax 29 at the Comet Tavern
w/Gems, Rosyvelt, Caitlin Sherman, Town Forest, Mark Schlipper

Tuesday, June 27th
The Triple Door Musicquarium
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Mike Dumovich

Saturday, March 17th
The Skylark Cafe
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Half Acre Day, Colin J. Nelson

Wednesday, January 11th
The Tractor Tavern
w/David Dondero, Ghosts I've Met


Saturday, April 23rd
The Josephine
w/Mike Dumovich, Richard Wilson (formerly Racingpaperplanes), Bjornstigen

Sunday, March 6th
Hollow Earth Radio
One Foot in the Grave Tribute comp release show, w/ The Curious Mystery, The Pica Beats, Jordan O' Jordan, Cock & Swan, ST Rainbow, 1985

Friday, February 25th
Empty Sea Studios
w/Tomo Nakayama, Louis O'Callaghan

Saturday, February 12th
The Tractor Tavern
w/Nicole Atkins, Cotton Jones

Friday, January 28th
The Tractor Tavern
w/Joshua Morrison (CD Release!), Wesafari


Monday, December 27th
Zuzu, Cambridge, MA
w/Buick Audra, Fortune Teller

Thursday, November 18th
The Sunset Tavern
Ball of Wax Vol. 22 release show w/Ghosts I've Met, The Graze, Stenobot, Virgin of the Birds, Michele Khazak

Saturday, November 6th
The Roost, Bellingham

Thursday, October 21st
The High Dive
w/Black Swedes , Colin J. Nelson

Saturday, October 2nd
The Blue Moon
w/Webelos, Corespondents

Sunday, September 19th
The Black Lodge
w/Daniel Higgs

Wednesday, August 25th
Ball of Wax Vol. 21
The Sunset Tavern

Thursday, July 28th
The Sunset Tavern
w/Jeremy Burk, Robert Deeble, Victoria Williams

Thursday, June 17th
Ball of Wax Vol. 20/5th Anniversary Celebration
The Sunset Tavern
w/Wesafari, Slow Skate, Kelli's Starlight Wishes, Virgin of the Birds, Brad Dunn, A.W. Feldt, Colin J. Nelson

Wednesday, May 5th
Softly Now @ The Jewel Box Theater
w/The Graze, Amateur Radio Operator

Thursday, April 1st
The Jewel Box Theater
w/Gavin Castleton, The Marrying Type

Thursday, March 4th
The Sunset Tavern
w/The Kindness Kind, Secret Highways

Sunday, January 24
Radio8Ball @ Theatre off Jackson
w/celebrity Skype-in from Andy Dick, comedy from Andy Wood


Sunday, December 20
Fremont Abbey
w/Brittain Ashford

Wednesday, December 2nd
Softly Now @ the Rendezvous/Jewel Box
w/Mike Dumovich, Shannon Stephens

Saturday, November 21st
Record Release show at Conor Byrne!
w/Pufferfish, Emiko Blalock

Monday, October 26th
Colossal Listening Party @ Gainsbourg
8550 Greenwood Ave. NW

Wednesday, April 15th
The Sunset Tavern
w/The Crying Shame, Pete Bernhard
9:00 / $7 / 21+

Saturday, March 21
The Holy Mountain
Beep Repaired Family Tree II Release Show
w/tons of bands

Friday, March 20
20/20 Cycle
Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness cover night
w/tons of bands (Hollow Earth Magma Festival)

Thursday, January 8th
The Comet Tavern
w/Little Pieces, Blue Skies for Black Hearts


Saturday, December 27th
The Josephine
w/Brittain Ashford, Luminous Craft, Yonderlow

Saturday, December 13th
The Tractor Tavern
6th Annual Double Album Benefit Concert: Quadrophenia!
with Lindsey Reeves on drums!
w/ Thee Sgt. Major III, The Tripwires, Kim Virant & Friends, Jason Parker Quartet, The Black Panties, Dept. of Energy, Ben London, Love Battery

Sunday, November 23rd
The Sunset Tavern
with Lindsey Reeves on drums!

w/The Theater Fire, Barton Carroll

Thursday, November 6th
Ball of Wax 14 @ The Sunset Tavern
w/Night Canopy, Transmissionary Six, Bret Phillips (Oldman Winter), The Music of Grayface, LaChroma (Emiko of Pufferfish), Chris Wise, Sifaka (Rick of Wesafari), Virgin of the Birds, David Bavas

Friday, October 17th
The Q Cafe
w/The Senate, Swaybacks

Thursday, October 2nd
The Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theater
w/The Music of Grayface, Sky Lynn

Wednesday, September 3rd
Softly Now @ McLeod Residence
w/Robb Benson, Caleb Thompson

Saturday, August 23rd
The Sunset Tavern

Wednesday, August 13th
The Vera Project
w/ Grand Hallway, The Music of Grayface

Wednesday, July 2nd
Softly Now @ McLeod Residence, 2209 2nd Ave.
w/ Mike Dumovich, R.B. Reed

Thursday, June 12th
Noise for the Needy
@ Conor Byrne Pub
w/ Carrie Clark & Her Lonesome Lovers, Star Anna, Ali Marcus
{All proceeds went to Urban Rest Stop.}

Monday, May 28th
NW Folklife Festival Songwriters' Circle

Thursday, May 22nd
The Sunset Tavern
w/ The Pica Beats, Secret Highways

Thursday, May 1st
Conor Byrne Pub, 5140 Ballard Ave NW
w/ Pufferfish, Pete Bernhard
9:00 / $6 / 21+

Tuesday, April 8th
Chop Suey
w/ Scout Niblett, Tim Fite

Wednesday, April 2nd
Softly Now at McLeod Residence
w/ Moe Provencher, TroubleShooting

Thursday, January 3rd
Project Project
w/ Luminous Craft, Fancy Bread


Saturday, December 8th
Bop Street Records, Ballard Art Walk
w/ Stuporhero, Webelos

Saturday, November 10th
Dearborn on Woodland
w/ Nire, Virgin of the Birds, Devoirs

Thursday, November 1st
Ball of Wax Volume 10 Release Show!
Sunset Tavern
w/ Dept. of Energy, Diminished Men, MiniVan, Webelos, Hecka Ar, Robert Deeble, Casey Ruff & Caleb Thompson

Saturday, October 6th
Seattle Weekly Reverb Festival, Ballard

Sunday, September 30th
Skylark Cafe
w/Rick Wright (Wesafari), Andy McAllister (Conrad Ford)

Saturday, September 15th
Healthy Times Fun Club
w/Luminous Craft, World History, Coal Mine Fires

Sunday, September 2nd
Doug Fir Lounge, Portland
w/The Bad Things, Adrian H. & the Wounds

Saturday, August 11th
Fucking About Songs: Big Black Covers @ Jules Maes
w/Android Hero, PBR Street Gang, I'm A Gun, Little Brown, The Keeper, The Luna Moth, Kaliningrad, Branden Daniel & Everybody Gets Laid, Greenriver Thrillers, Erin Jorgensen

Saturday, July 14th
Rock Lottery!
w/ 5 brand new bands, featuring Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Choklate, Craig Flory (The Suffering Fuckheads), Damien Jurado, Daniel Spils (Maktub), David Terry (Aqueduct ), Elie Goral (RazRez), Eric Elbogen (Say Hi to your Mom), Erin Jorgenson (The French Project), Heidi Wischler (Shiftless Layabout), Jared Clifton (Radio Nationals), Jen Wood, Josh Evans (Felicia Loud and the Soul), Katharina Tunicata, Kirk Bentley (Pleasurecraft), Michaela Brangan (Sun Vow), Nat Damm (Akimbo), Nate Mooter (The Lashes), Rick Kowai (Jonny Sonic & the Eclectics), Rob Knop (Harvey Danger), Sean Lowry (Tennis Pro)

Saturday, June 16th
Cafe Venus/Mars Bar
w/ Blue Star Creeper, Deluxe, Sorry

Friday, June 1st
WWU Underground Coffeehouse, Bellingham, WA
w/Kasey Anderson

Tuesday, May 29th
The Crocodile
w/Chris Garneau, J. Tillman

Thursday, May 17th
The Sunset Tavern
Ball of Wax Volume 8 release show!
w/Joy Wants Eternity, Bill Horist, Snowman Plan, Corespondents, The Pica Beats, The Luna Moth, Daughters of Atlas, Mark Schlipper, Emory Liu

Friday, May 4th
The Sunset Tavern
Seattle Covers Elvis Costello for 826 Seattle
w/Dept. of Energy, Graig Markel, Downpilot, Whiting Tennis, Zera Marvel, Palodine, Robert Deeble, Chris Estey, Jon Hyde, Billy Bullock (Shorthand for Epic), Jenny Murphy, the Transmissionary Six, Scott Faulkner, the Sterling Loons, the Geese (members of Maldives)

Sunday, April 29th
The Peacock, Austin, TX
w/The Lovely Sparrows, Ghost Night, Virgin of the Birds

Tuesday, April 3rd
The Sunset Tavern
w/Arbouretum (Thrill Jockey Records), David Karsten Daniels (Fat Cat Records)

Thursday, March 15th
The Sunset Tavern
w/Pufferfish, Amateur Radio Operator

Friday, March 9th
The Vera Project
w/Conrad Ford, Central Services, Pufferfish

Thursday, February 15th
The Vera Project (Vera House: 766 Thomas St.)
w/K. Garrard, Jeff Raynor, Meeting Ground

Sunday, January 28th
The Tonic Lounge, Portland
w/Weight of Atlas, Jon Garcia and Christina Antipa


Saturday, December 9th
Cafe Venus/The Mars Bar
Celebrating the release of Robb Benson's new solo CD!
w/Ryan Maxwell & Wesley Nelson, The Graze, Bre Laughlin, Dustin Lanker, Lesli Wood, Robb Benson & Dept of Energy

Wednesday, November 8th
Caffe Pergolesi, Santa Cruz
w/Last of the Blacksmiths, Hod Hulphers
all ages / 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, November 7th
Live on the Lick My Moody Guitar Show on KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford
(listen online!)

9:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 4th
The Hotel Utah, San Francisco
w/The Morning Line, Scott McChane and Shivshark
9:00 p.m. / $7 / 21+

Friday, November 3rd
The Fox & Goose, Sacramento
w/Scott McChane and Shivshark
9:00 p.m. / $5 / 21+

Friday, November 3rd
Cool as Folk on KDVS 90.3 FM, Davis
9:45 a.m.

Thursday, October 19th
The Sunset Tavern
Ball of Wax Volume 6 Release Party!
w/David Bavas, K. Garrard, The Graze, I Am the Internet, Andrea Maxand, Snowdrift, Vidooch, Wesafari

Friday, October 13th
Jules Maes Saloon, 5919 Airport Way South
LF & the Library, w/ Heather Duby, Michael Zapruder's Rain of Frogs
9:00 p.m. / $? / 21+

Tuesday, September 5th
The Sunset Tavern
w/ Sneaky Thieves, Last of the Blacksmiths, Brown Bird

Sunday, September 3rd
Fantasia Espresso & Tea,Bellingham
w/ Patient Patient, Norwegian Chalk, Last of the Blacksmiths

Friday, August 4th
S.S. Marie Antoinette
w/ The Parlour Steps, The Quiet Ones, Deluxe, George&Caplin

Thursday, July 20th
Sunset Tavern, Ballard
Ball of Wax 5 Release show!
Performances by Dept. of Energy, Plan B, Amy Blaschke, Red Jacket Mine, The Music of Grayface, Cock & Swan, Virgin of the Birds, R. B. Reed, and me!

Saturday, July 15th
Dearborn House
w/Holy Sons (!), Sneaky Thieves, & Snowman Plan

Saturday, July 8th
The Lily Pad, Cambridge, MA
w/Drew O'Doherty & Buick Audra

Wednesday, June 28th
Nectar Lounge
w/Trees Fear Me

Saturday, June 17th
The Brown Lantern Alehouse, Anacortes
Levi Fuller & the Library and Water Kill the Sun

Saturday, June 3rd
The Mars Bar
w/ Dept. of Energy, DeHaviland (PDX)

Saturday, May 13th
Levi Fuller & the Library live on KEXP 90.3 FM!
Stream it in the archive! (expires 5/27/06)

Friday, May 12th
The Vera Project @ Capitol Hill Arts Center, 1621 12th Ave
w/Jen Wood, Josh Powell, The Maldives

Friday, May 5th
First Friday @ Aurafice Café, 616 E. Pine St.
w/Amy Blaschke, Grayface

Thursday, April 27th
Conor Byrne Pub, Ballard
Release party for Volume 4 of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
w/a shitload of other folks.

Saturday, April 22nd
Dearborn House
w/Everything Is Fine, Levator, R.B. Reed

Saturday, April 8th
Red & Black Cafe, Portland, OR
w/Run-on Sentence, P.A.F.

Friday, April 7th
Luna's Cafe, Sacramento, CA
w/Estereo, Julie Meyers

Thursday, April 6th
Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CA
w/Jean Marie, The Blank Tapes, 60 Watt Kid

Tuesday, April 4th
Live on the Lick My Moody Guitar Show on KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford, with the Bawd of Euphony (listen online!)

Saturday, April 1st
The Rendezvous/Jewel Box Theater
Release party for This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering.
Levi Fuller & the Library, Water Kill the Sun, and Mooncalf.

Thursday, February 9th
Conor Byrne Pub, Ballard
Release party for Volume 3 of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
w/performances by Boring Ghost, The Critical Hits, Robert Deeble, Levi Fuller, Girls on Strike, Bill Horist, OldManWinter, Open Choir Fire, and Petting Zoo.


Thursday, December 22nd
The Living Room, Manhattan
Solo set, w/Milo Jones, Chris Moore

Monday, November 14th
Fado Irish Pub
Levi Fuller & the Library plays Live Roots with Rev. Bubba Levi Greenacres

Wednesday, November 30th
The Crocodile
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Mooncalf, Sameer Shukla & the Part-Time Lovers, Glitter Years

Monday, October 24th
In the Round w/Robert Deeble & Johanna Kunin
Put on by Bluetree, at the Yesler Community Center

Friday, October 7th
First Fridays @ Aurafice Café
Solo/Acoustic, w/ Sifaka (Rick Wright of Wesafari) & Everything Is Fine (PDX)

Saturday, September 17th
Flying Lion Cafe
An evening of solo acoustic weirdos w/Nick Schillace, Mike Tamburo

Tuesday, September 13th
The Paradox
Solo, w/Nedelle (Kill Rock Stars), The Pharmacy, Siberian

Saturday, August 20th
Fusion Cafe, Downtown YMCA
Levi Fuller & the Library w/Hypatia Lake, Ooh Ah Ah

Tuesday, August 16th
Solo/Acoustic w/Amateur Radio Operator, Kelli Hanson

Saturday, July 30th
Levi Fuller & the Library on the Vera Project Stage at the Capitol Hill Block Party!

Friday, July 22nd (pre-nuptial rock show!!!)
The Sunset
Three Imaginary Girls presents: Infomatik, Wesafari, Water Kill the Sun & Levi Fuller & the Library

Wednesday, July 13th - Down to Portland!
Noir, Portland, OR
solo/acoustic w/Everything Is Fine, Amateur Radio Operator

Tuesday, July 5th
The Funhouse
Solo/acoustic, w/Federation X, Afrirampo (Japan), Scout Niblett (U.K.)

Saturday, June 11th
The Flying Lion Cafe
Solo/acoustic, w/Johanna Kunin

Saturday, May 21st
Conor Byrne Pub, Ballard
Solo/acoustic (feat. Gavin on accordion and piano), w/Toy Tractor, Laurie Katherine Carlsson.

Friday, May 6th
The Blue Moon, 712 NE 45th St.
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Franklin Delano (Bologna, Italy) and Blackwood Hymnal

Friday, April 8th
Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA
Solo/Acoustic, w/The Graze, Rosyvelt, Steven Kattenbraker

Thursday, April 7th
Café Venus
Solo/Acoustic, w/Lost Incredible, In Winter

Wednesday, April 6th
Live on Free Things Are Cool, KAOS 89.3 FM, Olympia, WA
w/The Graze

Friday, April 1st
First Fridays @ Aurafice Café
Solo/Acoustic, w/Molly Schwartz, Ian Schuelke

Friday, March 25th
House show, Olympia, WA
Solo/Acoustic, w/Wesafari

Friday, March 11th
Essential Bakery Café
Solo/Acoustic, w/Mark Schlipper


Wednesday, December 22nd
The Crocodile Cafe

Levi Fuller & the Library w/Cantona, Anabret

Friday, December 17th
The Flying Lion Cafe

Levi Fuller & the Library return! w/Most

Friday, November 5th
First Friday @ Aurafice

solo/acoustic, w/The Stares, Grayface

Thursday, October 28th
Acoustic Veracity @ The Vera Project

solo/acoustic, w/Saeta, Emma Zunz

Tuesday, September 28th
Showbox Green Room

solo/acoustic, w/Graham Travis, Josh Wong

Thursday, September 16th
Red & Black Cafe, Portland, OR
solo/acoustic, w/Robert Deeble, John Vecchiarelli

Wednesday, September 15th
Conor Byrne Pub
solo/acoustic, with Betsy Olsen

Friday, September 3rd
First Friday @ Aurafice

solo/acoustic, w/Emma Zunz, Cowboy Pajamas

Saturday, August 28th
The Flying Lion Cafe, West Seattle
solo/acoustic, w/The Graze

Tuesday, August 24th
solo/acoustic, w/Travis Hartnett

Friday, July 16th
Mr. Spot's Chai House
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Lys Guillorn

Friday, July 9th
Q Cafe
w/John Vecchiarelli, Chris Moore

Tuesday, June 8th
Mr. Spot's Chai House, Ballard
w/The Way it Is (Michael Sanchez of The New Death Show)

Saturday, June 5th
Vera Project Benefit Badminton Tournament
solo/acoustic, w/ (in no particular order) Andrea Maxand, Justin Deary, The Capillaries, The Graze, Water Kill the Sun

Friday, June 4th
The Blue Moon Tavern, 712 NE 45th St.
Bionic Systems Go!, Levi Fuller & the Library, Neederbellis

Saturday, May 29th
Stuff Cafe
Solo/acoustic, w/Mark Schlipper

Thursday, May 27th
Consolidated Works
Levi Fuller & the Library, w/Heather Duby, Stephan Smith, Nate Ashley

Friday, May 21st
The Tractor Tavern
Solo/acoustic, with New Model Army, Water Kill the Sun

Sunday, May 16th
House show, Seattle
w/Water kill the sun, Micah Warren

Saturday, May 15th
The Brick Coffeehouse, Marysville, CA
w/Squish the Bad Man

Thursday, May 13th
Moxie's Cafe, Chico, CA
w/Boy Tiger

Wednesday, May 12th
Borders, Davis, CA

Tuesday, May 11th
The Foxx Club, Los Angeles, CA
w/Darryl Blood, The Blank Tapes, Gina G. and the Rev Band, others

Sunday, May 9th
Sea Level Records, Los Angeles, CA (in-store)

Friday, May 7th
Boo Boo Records, San Luis Obispo (in-store)

The Dwelling, San Luis Obispo, CA

Wednesday, May 5th
Edinburgh Castle, San Francisco, CA
w/The Dying Californian, R.W. Lynch

Sunday, May 2nd
The Mediterranean Club, Aptos, CA
w/Mule Train, The Holy Vegas Chapel, Boaz Vilozny

Saturday, May 1st
Serendipity Coffee House, Redding, CA
w/Jodi Hates the World, Boy Tiger

Friday, April 30th
Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR

Thursday, April 29th
Music Millennium, Portland, OR (in-store)

Red and Black Cafe, Portland, OR
w/John Vecchiarelli, super xx man and Zach Boyle

Thursday, April 1st
Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave. E.
With Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! (Bummer, they cancelled!!), The Capitol Years, The Purrs

Thursday, March 25th
The Rainbow
With The Stares

Friday, March 12th
The Q Cafe
With Wesafari

Tuesday, March 9th
The Showbox Green Room
With Sterno

Thursday, February 26th
Donut Live on KAOS

Sunday, February 15th
Sunday Matinee at the S.S. Marie Antoinette
Music by Levi Fuller and the Library, the New Death Show, Brittain Ashford Trotter; art and films by others.

Monday, February 9th
Mr. Spot's Chai House, Ballard
Solo/acoustic, with Pufferfish

Sunday, February 1st
Live on KGRG's Local Motion

Wednesday, January 28th
Levi Fuller & the Library, In Praise of Folly, At Dusk, Arkade

Saturday, January 10th
The Milk Bar
Levi Fuller & the Library, Mobile Sex Priests, Missouri Loves Company, Agent Apathy

Thursday, January 8th
The Sunset Tavern, Ballard
Levi Fuller & the Library (1st), Nervewheel, Yeek Yak Air Force


Wednesday, December 10th
Showbox Green Room, 1st Ave., Seattle
With Hank Tick (Acoustic)

Tuesday, December 2nd
Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave. E., Seattle
Levi Fuller & the Library, The New Death Show, Tilted Blue, Friends for Heroes

Friday, November 28th
The Midnight Sun, Olympia
Day after Thanksgiving all ages rock extravaganza with Matter of Fiction, Levi Fuller & the Library, Green Light Underground, Detrital Rocks!, Sugar Bear, and Uncle Greasy

November 19th, 2003
The Vera Project
Acoustic Veracity, with Theo Prince

October 26th, 2003
Graceland, Seattle
Levi Fuller & the Library w/Good Looks the Playboy, The Skinny

October 17th, 2003
The Vera Project
Johnny Cash Tribute Night, with many, many people.

September 30th, 2003
Sunset Tavern, Ballard
Acoustic Tuesday, W/Joe Howe, Jimmy Flame, Pip Squeek, Paul Diamond Blow, August Hanson

August 13th, 2003
The Old Fire House, Redmond, WA
(Acoustic) W/The Residuals, Slank Company House Band


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