Colossal - my third solo album - is out now!

Here's where to get it: 


This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering

You are also free to purchase my second album, produced by Brian Deck and featuring brilliant performances by Gavin Gregory, Gillian Lisée and others (hear 2 songs from it here).

You can buy it online, right from this page (or from CD Baby), or you can go to a record store: TMIaPG is currently being stocked at Easy Street Records in Queen Anne and Sonic Boom Records in Fremont, Ballard, and Capitol Hill.

If you live in San Francisco, you should BART yourself down to Aquarius Records and pick up a copy. Support independent record stores!

Or . . . the newest option: You can also choose to forego the handsome packaging entirely and purchase this album in electronic format at one of the following mp3-tailers (and maybe others,too):

Songslide (pick your price!)
(listen free!)
Pretty fucking cool, no?

If you're still undecided, you can read this nice review.

So there you go. Click above or below, and away we go! Thank you!

Purchase TMIaPG via Paypal:

Purchase TMIaPG from CD Baby:
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LEVI FULLER: This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering
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[And now back to our regular "buy" page . . .]

There a few methods for the would-be purchaser to purchase my first album, How Did I Get Here?:

Digital - Paypal - OEBase - CD Baby - Real Stores - Mail


Like TMIaPG, How Did I Get Here? is being made available gradually on various mp3-buying-and-listening Web sites. Check it out at:

Rhapsody (listen free!)


Choose below from the super-ultra-limited edition four-song ep Wisdom Teeth (only 1 copy left!!!) (here's a song from it), which I made entirely at home ($5, or $4 + $1 shipping); or the full length CD How did I get here? (more songs), which comes in a lovely digipak featuring artwork by the incredible and talented Meghan Foley ($11, or $10 + $1 shipping). OR, you could buy both for the tiny price of $13 (including shipping, of course).

(If you're outside of North America, I'd appreciate your adding a dollar per item. Thanks!)

How did I get here?
(read about it here)

Wisdom teeth EP - Sold out!


-Real Stores-

If you like real stores (and who doesn't?), and you live in certain cities, you can go to one of the following stores to purchas How did I get here? (Wisdom Teeth is only available from me):

Sonic Boom Records in Fremont
Easy Street Records in Queen Anne

Los Angeles, CA: Sea Level Records

San Luis Obispo, CA: Boo Boo Records

Please support independent record stores! (Especially ones that let unknown musicians do in-stores!)


-US Mail-

Please feel free to send a check, money order, stamps, wadded up dollar bills, etc. (in the above amounts) to me at P.O. Box 30712, Seattle, WA 98113-0712.


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