November 17, 2009: The Stranger
["It's a giant leap forward for an already formidable talent and one of the best albums I've heard this year."]

November 18, 2009: Seattle Weekly
["Colossal is such a perfect name for this album: In its modest instrumentation, it captures an emotional resonance as full as a symphony orchestra's. "]

November 21, 2009: Three Imaginary Girls
["It is one of the most elegant, quietly powerful albums you'll hear this year. No flab, every note picked meaningful and emotional."]

November 2009:
[""Whether the medium is an invertebrate or a vertebrate, Levi writes
and sings about their troubles with insightfulness and sincerity."]


This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering:
August 2, 2007:
["Like watching crows reveal themselves in a group, these tunes each add to one another, while giving pause to shine on their own."]

December 5, 2006:
["The listener is left feeling in an almost hypnotic state, with a heightened sense of paranoia and an increased awareness of those black-feathered creatures."]

November 2006 : Paul M. Davis, Santa Cruz Metro
["Seattle native Levi Fuller could be a poster boy for the DIY movement. With a number of home-recorded solo projects, side bands and his Ball of Wax series of compilations, Fuller exemplifies a work ethic born out of the need to shield himself from Seattle's healthy rainfall. There are no easy comparisons for the pulsing, experimental Americana Seattle native Fuller churns out. At times his recent release This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering brings to mind a place where Tortoise puts down the vibraphones and picks up the banjo and No Depression magazine, but there are plenty of other reference points--to the wooly fuzz of shoegazer music, to the fingerpicked meditations of John Fahey, to the homespun, lo-fi charm of early Sebadoh. Fuller has a grab bag of ersatz folk influences at his disposal, but uses them wisely, hitting on a sound that is distinctively his own. Basement music this good makes a strong case for endless winters."]

August 31, 2006: Border Radio, The Stranger
["Throughout the centuries, our fine feathered friends have inspired great works of art in all disciplines: dance (Swan Lake), film (The Birds), poetry (The Raven), and prose (Jonathan Livingston Seagull). But a whole album about crows? Never. "]

August 2006: Aquarius Records
["The Seattle singing/songwriting gent known as Levi Fuller crafts somber elegant folk in league with Low, Black Heart Procession, Sixteen Horsepower, Red House Painters and Mountain Goats. Fans of any/all of those artists very well could find themselves taking quite a shine to the slow smoldering beauty of This Murder Is A Peaceful Gathering. An earth-toned tapestry of strummy acoustic guitar, sinewy electric guitar textured with unexpected percussive and atmospheric elements."]

June 12, 2006: KZSU
["This Seattle-based songwriter is an artist’s artist, taking the time to create every second of music with care, beauty and life."]

April 9, 2006:
["Hier toont de verbeelding wat ze zo al vermag op te roepen als ze vleugels krijgt."]

March 14, 2006: Copacetic Zine
["Fuller's off-kilter music is well suited for his choice of subject matter—and vice versa."]

March 14, 2006: Americana-UK
[". . . this is a multi-layered undertaking full of wonderful metaphors and musical invention . . ."]

March 2006: SCTAS
[". . . an audible topography that really requires a still room, absolute focus or both to absorb . . ."]


How Did I Get Here?:
July 2004
: Hybrid Magazine
December 6, 2003: Splendid
January 13, 2004: I swear Bandoppler reviewed it, but it's not there anymore. (Ah, but I pasted it here, on my CDBaby page.)
November 28, 2003: The Stranger.
November 2003: Americana UK

October 26, 2007: Guest on The Stranger's Setlist podcast
September 2007: Northwest Performer on Rock Lottery 3.
April 11, 2007: I was The Stranger's Band of the Week!
Autumn 2006: Intervew with Michael Sanchez in Chief Magazine
July 16, 2006: Another podcast: this time with the legendary Robb Benson!
April 5, 2006: Brief mention in Kimberly Chun's "Sonic Reducer" column in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.
February 10, 2006: Tizzy Asher of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer voted Levi Fuller & the Library a "band to watch in 2006."
November 10, 2005: Podcast interview with Ken Smith of SeattleNoise (download directly here).
July 28, 2005: Capitol Hill Block Party Preview in the Stranger.
December 23, 2004: Poster of the Week in the Stranger.
February 9, 2004: Live review by Dana, one of the Three Imaginary Girls.


33 Slade
The Dexter Street Stompers
The Luna Moth

Passenger Pigeon


The I Is Not Always Me, an album written and recorded in the month of February 2007 (download only).
Yo! Animal Raps
That Horse Yonder: The Songs of Sparklehorse
Xmas 2006: more holiday cheer!
This Murder Is a Peaceful Gathering, an album of songs about crows
Our Love Is Meaningless, a Magnetic Fields tribute (I covered Long Vermont Roads)
Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
How did I get here?, a debut full length CD.
Xmas 2003, another handmade audio xmas card.
Wisdom Teeth, a 4-song handmade CD EP.
Xmas 2002, a handmade audio xmas card.

(as band member/supporting musician)
Pufferfish: Swell
Buick Audra: Singer
The Luna Moth: Thunderous or Deluge ep
The Luna Moth: The Compass that Only Points East.
33 Slade: Harmonies for One
33 Slade: The Way to Win: A True Story
A Journey to Happiness Island
Alum, a handmade CD single, featuring two songs by Alum


Is Greater Than: Records by Their Covers
KEXP: Review Revue
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